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Hepatology 2010
by Mauss, Berg, Rockstroh, Sarrazin, Wedemeyer, et al.

The winner of the second 25,000 Euro Amedeo Challenge Award.

Free Download of the Second Edition (PDF, 509 pages, 17 MB).

A Short Guide to Fast Language Learning
By Bernd Sebastian Kamps

How long does it take to learn another language? How many words do you need to learn? Are languages within the reach of everybody? Which teachers would you choose and which teachers should you avoid?

The answers. All PDFs and MP3s (audio books) are free.

Tuberculosis 2007
by Palomino, Lećo, and Ritacco (Editors), et al.

The 12.500 Euro Amedeo Tuberculosis Award was funded by Patricia Bourcillier and Bernd Sebastian Kamps.